"Heart failure is a journey. We owe it to our patients to be the best possible guide for their well-being."
- Javed Butler, MD, MPH, MBA

A global heart failure curriculum centered on guidelines, evidence-based medicine & real-world data to improve patient outcomes in the management of heart failure.

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Access our CME Curriculum on Heart Failure for Guideline-Recommended Screening, Monitoring, and Interventions for Hyperkalemia and Iron Deficiency

To combat the hidden dangers of heart failure, specifically hyperkalemia and iron deficiency, we urge all clinicians to be proactive in screening, monitoring, and treating their patients.

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Global Leading Experts in Heart Failure

Leading experts from around the world have joined together to combine their findings from research and clinical experience to improve outcomes in heart failure.

Steering Committee

  1. Javed Butler, MD, MPH, MBA - Co-Chair
  2. Giuseppe Rosano, MD, PhD - Co-Chair
  3. George L. Bakris, MD
  4. Michael Böhm, MD
  5. Josep Comin-Colet, MD, PhD
  6. Gregg Fonarow, MD
  7. Mikhail Kosiborod, MD
  8. Adrian Hernandez, MD
  9. Ileana L. PiƱa, MD, MPH, FAHA, FACC
  10. Austin Stack, MD, MBBCh, MSc

About the Global Heart Failure Academy

This truly global curriculum was developed by world-renowned leaders in the management of heart failure and is dedicated to improving guideline-directed care through the dissemination of evidence-based medicine and real-world data. With the education provided here, professionals will be properly equipped to meet the challenges surrounding the use of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) inhibitor therapies and will understand how to apply emerging science to improve patient outcomes.

This educational series is developed by Medtelligence. Supported by an independent educational grant by Vifor Pharma.